Chapter Advisory Board

As a chapter of the American Sewing Guild, we operate under the guidance of the national organization.

On the local level, our chapter is managed by a Chapter Advisory Board, the volunteers who plan our events, create the newsletter, make the coffee and schlep stuff.  Lots of stuff.

Our 2016 CAB members are

  • Norma Womack, President (
  • Beryl Silkey, Vice President and Community Service (
  • Penny Ruddle, Vice President and FabricFUNd Coordinator
  • Susie Dyer, Secretary
  • Becky Wondra, Treasurer
  • Shirley Binder, Newsletter Editor (
  • Marilyn Kirby, Membership Coordinator
  • Carol Wiens, Education Coordinator
  • Judy Troyer, Special Events Coordinator (
  • Lori Postlethwait, Librarian
  • Mary Baker, Publicity
  • Julia Langel, Webmaster (
  • Wilma Wine, Hospitality Coordinator
  • Betty Brees, Neighborhood Groups Coordinator