Neighborhood and Special Interest Groups

Neighborhood and special interest groups are smaller groups within our chapter that focus on particular types of sewing.  Every chapter member is welcome at every group meeting — you don’t have to “join” a group, or only attend one group’s meetings.

We currently have five groups that meet every month:

Sew Inspired: This group, which investigates embellishments of all types, meets on the third Monday of every month

MEOW: The Machine Embroiderers of Wichita meet at A-1 Singer Sewing Center on the second Wednesday afternoon of every month

The Serger Group: This group meets at Riverview Church of Christ (225 N Waco) on the fourth Monday afternoon of every month.  This hands-on group makes a variety of projects that practice a number of serger techniques for all sergers and skill levels.

ASG Quilters: This group meets at Sewing & Embroidery Works (590 E 61st St N, Park City) on the third Thursday afternoon of every month.  

The Fitting Group: This group meets on the fourth Wednesday morning of every month.  Learn to conquer your garment fitting issues!  This group meets at a private house, so refer to your newsletter for the location.

For more information about specific meeting times and topics, check our Event Calendar.